Last Summer (writing Prompt)

Introduce A New Character (Creative Writing Prompt) Really wanted to try this writing prompt out from Rachel Poli

They had to face that this time they couldn’t escape the blistering storm that was their life. How could they be blessed with so much bad luck, this was the thought that itched its way through their heads and hearts.

Everyone has had a taste of bad luck in their lives. I could tell you that Jane and Jesse had it worse that nobody could understand just how horrid of an affair the two had experienced but the truth is nobody can tell or understand another’s bad luck.

Jane had a complete understanding of tragedy and death for it seemed to follow her like the ghost of Christmas past dragging ball and chain reminding her just how far she could never escape. She envisioned herself to be a prisoner of endlessly dark haunting emotions underneath her perfect face. As for Jesses complete clasp on disappointment, self-hatred and emotional baggage she seemed to constantly find herself afraid and somewhat worried about her future, past and self identity within the small minded town.

The pair had painted their own escape, a place they found refuge and peace from the tragedies of the world around them. I so desperately want to write about how great this escape they had painted was and just how wonderful it made them feel. That nothing the world threw at them could break this fortress of solitude and peace but if I wrote that I wouldn’t be a true narrator. I want you to know the honest truth with no trace of my bias hopes and dreams for Jane and Jesses happy ever after. The truth is that the world they lived in was far from  any form of happy ever afters, that often filled many pages of little girls and boys books.

Jane was like any other. Well if I had to dig deep and come up with a character analysis then I would scratch that statement and say Jane was like no other girl because she was simply Jane. A girl on a mission, devoted, hopeful and filled with endless dreams are just the tip of the characteristics that made up Jane. Like every other cliché character, Jane grew up in a small hometown and had big dreams and ideas that just simply didn’t fit the ideas of her little town so she bottled them up and tried fitting into the ideal role desired by others for her.

Now let’s talk about Jesse who lived in the little town that Jane grew up in. Jesse was in simple terms a slacker, drifter and free spirit like most nomads. Jesse believed that like the fish in the big lake passing through the little town, people were expected to live little lives as to not rock the boat. This metaphor I still don’t seem to understand but you will come to see that a lot of Jesse’s ideas and metaphors are quite out there and hard to pin down just like her ever changing mind.

Back to my point, these two characters started off from well simply nothing and like the American dream you’d hope they would amount to something but I don’t want you to be reading on with false hope. This journal is not some great American dream achieved but the true tale and account of two beaten characters finding the strength to soldier on a journey filled with misfortune. The truth is that life is filled with bulls**t and it takes a whole lot of courage and strength to keep on going.

I was fortunate to fall upon Janes gaze and fall into her crazy life. I can tell your mind is wondering as to what a girl in a small town could get up too that could ever make her life seem crazy. Well, I will tell you soon enough once I’ve painted context. The context of Jane’s life and how she moved from the favored girl to the loner. I must admit I wasn’t truly active in her life when she was little miss sunshine and seemed to say everything right and do all that pleased the anyone she came across.

So by now, you might have painted a picture of me the observant non-judgmental writer who is in search of the truth. The truth of what truly happened over the summer break that changed my hometown and sent two people into a spiral.

My Little doodle of questions…


It was a summer day like any other. Okay, it was a blistering summer day as it had been for the past two days. The highest recorded temperatures hit the last few days of school with no trace of rain making it clear that the town was heading into drought season. This had been something very new as the Town was known for its deep green landscape. I remember it being so hot that Chandra’s cherry Popsicle instantly melted as it hit the cement paving. I couldn’t stop staring at it out of the maths classroom window, wondering how cool and at ease it must feel to have no obligations or expectations.

Right next to the cherry stained pavement sat Jane drinking a cold glass of cola in a pair of denim shorts and a plain tee like every overly sexualised cola ad ever seen in history. Whenever I looked at Jane a feeling of ease always laid on me, it wasn’t always like that because I remember so clearly the feeling of anxiety and dislike washing over me as I had watched her sip the cold drink slowly as if she needed everyone to notice her every interaction. I watched her as the little water droplets from the cola bottle had fallen down her fingertips and the hot summer breeze swished her hazel hair in one beautiful direction like a model in a fashion ad.  “Augh, how annoying,” I muttered out hopelessly unaware of my full voice calling out my dislike of her perfectioned image.

“You spend a lot of time gazing at her even though you constantly proclaim you dislike her.” Jesse had turned to me as she handed a stack of math notes towards me and in her eyes I could see her perplexed intricate thinking at work. “I don’t gaze at her I just noticed that she was outside,” I responded feistily as to address my lack of interest in Jane and her people pleasing ways. I should mention that Jesse was my best friend of many years. We had grown up on the same street until one day Jesse’s house was emptied out and all trace of their family was gone till they returned without reason or story.

Jesse and I are what you call inseparable best friends. We did everything together, our taste in movies and music were seen as weird but we never minded being different. Truth be told I minded at times but Jesse always reassured me that being different didn’t make you less of a person. In fact, it made you more of a person is what Jesse would say.

I remember sitting in that hot boring maths class angry to my pit at Jesse’s statement as I watched Jane twirl about freely in the sun.  Looking back I’d wish I could tell myself to remember this feeling that filled my gut and not let my need to fit in change my friendship dynamic.

It was finally the last day of school and like most teens, I was looking forward to the summer break because this summer Jesse and I would be working on our big art special that would be featured in our zine. There wasn’t much to do during spring break apart from taking camping trips, hikes and a trip to the lake as featured on the Big All American travel guide. The tourism within Evergreen had peaked since its feature in the Big All American Travel Guide due to the towns wonderful landscape and outdoor activities.

Like I said before Evergreen is a small town. There’s only one cinema, coffee store, and digital printer. If I had to pinpoint a time in which things started changing it would be that afternoon at the printers after school. Going to the printers was a typical day for Jesse and I as we developed our photos there. When Jane appeared at the printers I was taken aback because I was sure there were no pep rallies coming up since school had just closed and she wasn’t the type of girl who went out of her way to show up for anything that had no beneficial agenda behind it.

“Excuse me can I get some help.” Jane’s voice echoed out into the back room. I had shoved Jesse out of the room so she could take order of the situation as I continued to read through some draft pages we had come up with for our zine. “Can I help you?” Jesse asked in a mumbled tone as she fumbled with a stack of flyers laid out on the front desk.

“Oh I need help, do you work here?” Jane asked looking around in hopes of assistance from somebody else.

“Yes, I work here. So what can I help you with? “Jesse placed the flyers down and pulled off her old knitted beanie revealing her golden blond hair tied up in two buns. “Oh cool how come I’ve never seen you around before?” Jane smiled blushingly staring at Jesse for the first time.

It was then that it was clear things were about to change as Jesse had begun to brighten up as she had begun to assist Jane find the right cable for her camera. As I finally decided to stop hovering between the backroom and storefront where I attempted to eavesdrop and wish the worst for the two in the dark spaces that surrounded me. I exited the backroom and watched my best friend and my worst nightmare giggling endlessly, filling the store with unbearable sounds that seemed to resemble pure happiness it became clear to me that two worlds were about to collide.

Well things could only go one of three ways the worlds would collide and it would be a mutual destruction of both or somehow they would sync up and create a whole new balance ecosystem, let’s be honest this one would never happen. Then there’s the third, where one world would die out well the other thrived and this one sounded just about right to me. I have to honestly tell you that I wasn’t going to lose my best friend all over again not if I could stop it…

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