Addiction Love

In you I see the stars that form foreign galaxies

The sun rises that haven’t reached the earth’s surface

You are the untouched milky-ways waiting to pull me in and lock me away forever

In your eyes I see the formation of earth unfolding like a lily in the middle of rain season

I’ve whispered your name a thousand times on my lips and etched our names repeatedly in trees thin and flat

Your skin is smooth as the planets that are aligned in the solar system.

You’re personality a concoction of familiarity and the unknown

I call you my sun and moon so foolishly unaware of how much you suffocate me

You empty me out like a bin in need of recycling better yet replacing

I send you flowers only to receive them back in a bag of water as a reminder of how fragile things are

I love you and hate everything about you beyond comprehension

You are everything I desire and nothing I need

Yet I am unable to toss you out