Why I Started A Bullet Journal

I’ve found my bullet journal to not just help me with the organizing of college workload within a month but also help me understand my mood and anxiety tendencies. For anyone that’s looking to understand their mood over a year or month, I would definitely recommend tracking your mood in a journal/bullet journal.  I found having my state of mind and overall mood noted down physically as a great reflection tool especially when it came to me trying to distinguishing what things caused my mood fluctuation or changes in it. I think any form of journaling is a great way to let your mind wander or even help with the feelings of confusion, I’ve often found myself writing down the answers to my own problems after writing a few long pages of rambling and venting.

Often deep down everyone knows the answers to some of the problems they face.
Weekly Planner

For a long time, I’ve struggled and kind of still do when it comes to organizing my life out and as a student organization is key. I think everyone has their own views and ways of organizing their time out. Being an overly anxious person I found that my lack of organization just never seemed to help me especially when assignments and exams came along. Like clockwork, my body would go straight into panic mode as I started to worry about every little detail that I hadn’t or didn’t need to think about and anyone that’s felt the pressure of the anxious mind knows just how hard it is to get anything done in that state of stress. I had heard about the ever-growing trend that is bullet journaling, The Ultimate Journal for people who love journaling, organizing and goal setting.

Being an avid journal lover I fell straight into the world of elaborate Pinterest boards and extreme bullet journal layouts as my stationery obsession grew to new heights. Having seen a variety of layouts, trackers and habit charts I felt myself sinking into confusion and intimidation. I didn’t know where to start or how to get my own ideas down. Bullet journaling is not just a one-dimensional thing, the journal can be customized as you please with trackers and charts that help you measure out your mood, sleep or even exercise patterns.

My Mood Tracker for March

I had been filled with so much information on this awesome new journaling experience that I found myself completely intimidated and unable to create one, till I randomly came across a quote well scrolling through Instagram. “The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system.” After seeing this quote I realized that I didn’t need to create an elaborate layout or even worry about the look of my journal because like a traditional journal it’s a book that contains your thoughts and personal agendas. Anyone can create a bullet journal and it can look like anything you wish it to be. There are simple minimalist layouts to the funkiest kind, it’s all about you and how you chose to express yourself. There is no strict format because it’s all about self-customization and you don’t need a hundred pens or colours to create a bullet journal that works.

The main thing about a bullet journal is getting something good out of it whether it’s the increase in journaling, doodling, being organized, drinking water or even just sleeping. Something I’ve come to know is that it’s all about you and your experimentation with what works for you. For me it was all about getting organized, helping track and minimize anxiety.