Gothic Mysteries 

The room was so dark I could barely see my fingertips as the only light that illuminated surrounded her like a halo, which was ironic for her trade was far from one of holiness. “You can place your hands before me like so.” How had I gotten myself into this unimaginable scene of looking for answers from the spirits of the great beyond, if it’s not clear enough I’m a skeptic? I would obviously do anything for Zelda hence my being in this place.

“So what brings you into my room of mysteries” her voice laid over me with its exotic notes of temptation and risk just as Zelda’s did. “Shouldn’t you know?” I ask her bluntly as to make it clear that I would not fall for the lies to follow as I trace my hands over the elaborate tapestries hanging around. There’s silence as the room begins to lighten up to reveal the Gothic architecture. For women that sold lies her parlor of tricks was lavishly furnished as gold pieces glimmer from the candles lights that surround her. I watch her long black laced sleeves drag by her in a ritual motion as her fingers gently pass light on from one candle to the next. “I see you watch me like an officer integrating a suspect.”  My eyes they gaze over to the table she has set with cards laid out in a precise form. “Do you suspect me of something Nathen?” I look into her dark eyes as to assure her that I’m not one to fall for false tricks and words of magic. “Do you not want me to look at you, Miss Claudia?” I retorted in a manner that complimented my integrity yet questioned her deceitful nature.



She wanders off into the corner of the room leaving petals from her floral crown in behind her in some kind of romantic trail. “You can watch me all you want. I have no issues with eyes hovering over me.” I didn’t know how to take her statement as it came across as a temptress or seductress trying to hide many secrets. “I can see you have no fear of unwanted eyes falling upon you.” I could tell that she itched to be watched like a painting hanging in a museum.  Miss Claudia came across to me as a simple character she was so easy to asses. The lady was desperate for attention and filled her rooms with smoke and mirrors to play a role afraid because she was to be herself.

Her hand flicked her raven hair letting it sweep the red and gold sofa she lay across sipping on some vibrant crystal drink. “So shall we begin your reading?” her alluring voice quietly came across the room beckoning me to head towards the table she set ready for her parlour trick. One thing for sure camed clear to me that this would be a crazy story as Zelda’s attempts to sway me would meet no mark. I could see her wanderer’s mind believing in the impossible being denied its fantasy as mine would  make it clear that truth is science.

Miss Claudia’s assistance enters and begins to dim the candles,  leaving a scent of burning smoke in the air. “Please place your hands over the cards.” Miss Claudia directed her poised hands over mine as to feel some psychic vibration. I sit in silence but my eyes in deep conversation with the scenery in search of faults.

Source: Writing Prompt #100