Writing inspiration: Nadia King- Disappointment

A must read that adds so much depth and realty in a fiction short story about a teenager in need to escape her current life. I found this book absolutely gripping and filled with so much character. Nadia King tells the story of Miriam who is a teenage in a situation that is real and uncomfortable. Take a look and Purchase a copy of Disappointment by Nadia King and help the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation. As 10% of the profits from the story will be donated to the foundation.     Continue reading Writing inspiration: Nadia King- Disappointment

Love is inspiring

“Breathe against her skin, feel yourself crumble and rebuild. She is the ocean crashing against you, you are the walls letting her in. Play with her hair, let her locks fall between your fingertips and spill all over the most delicate parts of your touch. Lay there next to her. Don’t memorize anything because you don’t have to. She is right in front of you, and time doesn’t just stop– it no longer exists. You have bought this moment and it is yours forever, there are no hands on the clock that can push this forward, there is no other … Continue reading Love is inspiring