Daily Prompt: Hike

via Daily Prompt: Hike Her words told me to settle down as we reached the peak. I should be excited that we’ve made it to the top but I’m dead tired, and all I can think about is how long it’s going to take to get back down. All the small talk I must make up in my head as I’m willing myself along with all these strangers trying to be enthusiastic about this one thing that we may or may not have in common. When does saying how great nature looks become an overused line like I’m fine and … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Hike

Mistaken and Misplaced

via Daily Prompt: Mistake Out   Count me in Place me over those that haven’t made it to the journeys end Is this a mistaken love that I have fallen for? Your silenced words that etch out like fallen souls Am I in or am I out Over taken by some higher form, a gracious soul abiding by tempest forms Misplaced Mistaken Misused Am I in or am I out of this costal elation called love Touched raw to the bone Mistaken Misplaced Misunderstood Count me out Continue reading Mistaken and Misplaced

Emery-Its just Lies.

  The sun glistened in the distance, allowing fractures of light rays to dance over the almost empty classroom. I turn to face her behind me with the full intention, to be honest. I’d never been truly honest until listening to her talk about all the things she had done during her summer vacation. Everyone has fabricated lies before; I justify my need to be accepted with the generalization of the teenage social norm of lying. I want to tell her that ‘I’m a pretender, Emery I pretend that I’m am more than what I seem.’ But the words they … Continue reading Emery-Its just Lies.